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Is anybody out there?


Herodite needs to come South to some nice warm summer weather.
We have nice scenery for you also @Herodite .




Herodite, Hope you get rid of your snottyness.

I just hope they bring out the next chapter soon, otherwise I fear even us old timers will give up, and that’s a shame. I think even with the recent ’challenges’, this is still the best game I’ve played. One of the reasons that makes it good is the forum for sensible thoughts and advice on the game, when I started Mykans guide was invaluable.


@SkyRider99 @everyone : Yoo-hoo! ^_^

Found a couple of things to post today ~ please see the main AW discussion thread here ~ but generally, repeating myself in different words hasn't much appealed, over the past few weeks, and as they say: if nothing changes, everything stays the same.

I'm still playing Elvenar, and still reading here, on US, and on Beta, of course, but I had/have little to add to the excellent recent comments and arguments already made by others on all three Forums.

But FWIW, the longer I don't visit Discord instead/as well, to witness the high-speed cat pics, malware & pointless chat spam frenzy for which it is justly renowned, the happier I am. Peace and quiet has unique rewards all of its own... :)