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Interesting event buildings - spice it up!


Then I apologise @Sir Derf Goodness knows that in the past I’ve said things that were misinterpreted.
Some of the most outstanding forum submissions come from @Sir Derf mate. I've stumbled with a couple of unwise forum comments sometimes. I keep reminding myself to chuck in an emoticon smiley. :)

'Looking forward to reading more forum from you @finzles.

@Sir Derf and I are Tolkien fans. (Many others too of course). I suspect the posting from @Sir Derf was a humorous reference to Gollum in LOTR when he talks to himself. :D


She who must not be named
Elvenar Team
Tolkien....someone mentioned Tolkien :D


I have recently returned to the game after a long hiatus. I started a new city because I was totally overwhelmed by my old chapter xv city, I couldn’t remember how it all worked.

I remember the glory days of events: bears, phoenixes, amazing combos. I gotta say that I am so bored by the recent event buildings. I completed the raccoon in my beta city and the Glory of the Nimble in my live city, where I’m currently working on the raccoon. These buildings just give goods a few KP. Yawn. How about mixing it up a bit, offering some buildings that feel like they’re really worth having? I don’t even bother feeding my raccoon, no incentive there. The pet food is stacking up.

I used to look forward to event buildings, but now the events are just a good way for me to stock up on instants, free troops and maybe a couple of good culture buildings. Nothing remarkable.
The issue with your request is that if we got such buildings each event then they would be just as boring and average as the rest.
The only way some buildings can shine is if they are "better than the rest". and the only way they are better than the rest is if the rest is just average.

You need a lot of average to appreciate the special ones.
We have seen a few awesome buildings for example the Twilight Phoenix, also funny the "useless" Ash Phoenix became a lot more awesome with hindsight when "event competition" was introduced where a few more event currency can mean the difference between the next tier or not.

We have also seen some cool other buildings like for example a 10 day miniature simia sapiens copycat. we also had twice a building that gives pet food for a limited time.
We had cool tiny buildings that boost training size, goods production and neighbourly help and others.

And this week I figured out that the useless daily prize Lava Eggs i got last easter are very welcome to help me get trough the next chapter for mana production when combined with ensorcelled endowment.

As you see events are much more than the main prize. you'll be suprized how often the surrounding prizes are worth much more than the main prize.
Especially of you are still developing your city at a rapid pace and you need those new event buildings to replace old ones.


Hey folks,

If I may add something, finzles:

To further support Crazy's point, during this event, there was a reward (you can still get it through rerolls if lucky) called "Training Dojo". It produces Rangers(!), a mercenary archer with* excellent mobility and initiative that can aid players during all chapters.
A similar thing happened* during the Tides event, a building called "Azure Stables" produces "Faineant Frogs", specially useful for human players that have a horrible native Heavy Ranged unit". Additionally, both possess a population and a culture bonus.

I am at the Dragons and Mages chapter and I confess that I like the Dojo more than the prize(!), because I am always in a short supply of archers, and these dojos give me archers without using my barracks/military queue! They are excellent again mages, specially when the enemy groups is a mixture of mages and heavy melee units that can kill my cerberuses.

There are still plenty "rubies" hidden around the game, I wish you luck and fun discovering them :D


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