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Information Window


Now that buildings had their resources changed to either getting combining catalysts or royal restorations back when sold.....I would like the information window, when you click on the blue i Screenshot (3).pngin storage, for a building to include what you would get back when you sell it, something like this Screenshot (4).png.....I know there is a list that was compiled by someone else that has these figures but not everyone has access to this so it would be much easier and less time consuming to look for such list, if Inno could add this to the information window for all buildings now.


Good idea @kimkimkim , hopefully they will add it soon as it has become and important part of the game.

Currently you can see what you get back for all buildings on I-Davis' site. He named it resale resources.

And in general the rule is that you get 1 CC for event buildings that are 1-4 squares, 2 CCs for buildings 6, 8 or 10 squares and 3 CCs for buildings that are 12+ squares. (except evo buildings that give nothing back)
As for RRs, you get them from expiring buildings (except the 2x2 military boosts), a few old event buildings (mostly the main part of sets), premium culture buildings and MR and MWS. Similarly to CCs, you get 1 RR for buildings that are 1-4 squares, 2 RRs for buildings 6, 8 or 10 squares and 3 RRs for buildings that are 12+ squares.