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Improving the Game


This is indeed the best game ever.
Just one problem which i normally face is that progress in tournaments and other areas drastically slows down when i run out of my military units. i have to then wait till i have sufficient units to start the tournament or spire, but by then much time is lost.
One suggestion is That we should be able to Trade as well Buy the required military units from a trader or from other players with payment in cpins or any other goods. All players will agree is that we normally are always in excess of coins or some goods, the spare coins / goods can be then put to some good use in buying the military units.
I have posted this under support to developers also.
Hopefully this will get across to them.


Although I have an advanced city, I also can run short of certain troops. Partly this is my choice, since I only fight in the Spire and use rare troop boosts to get me past High Halls. I again lose troops when the tournament starts, but there is a point where I have to cater the provinces anyway.

I find that the Time Instants are useful for pushing the training of troops during periods of excess losses.