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Battle Improve fighting


Fighting in a tournament (or Spire) would make it much more exciting and effective than we would be able to set up in detail the rules for making an automatic tournament rather than numbly clicking. For example: I want to make 6 rounds of 50 provinces (if I have these provinces explored, Timewarp and Polar Bear activated, i.e. these provinces are actually available to fight) and then detailed rules on the selection and movement of troops according to which enemy we get in front of, i.e. different rules than are usually the case with automatic combat. Then, in mass use, the level of knowledge you are able to use and that knowledge can be developed effectively to improve your results will be a much higher level, and that would be much more interesting than doing the same on a case-by-case basis by clicking. The more detailed it will be and the more possibilities to make changes, the more interesting.


I would also appreciate a button that allows me to fight everything with frogs in the first 10 provinces!

But jokes aside - this is a very good suggestion. Tournaments and the Spire are both core parts of the game, but fighting is really a boring activity much of the time, especially when going for higher numbers of provinces. Anything to make this more interesting is welcome.