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Answered I am unable to get weekly reports, the fellowship is not opening, just a blue line running?

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@Peacefull haven I think the best thing is to be patient and take on board what other members have said here! :)

I'm certain that you will gain access in time but I don't think there is any more our members can add so for that reason, we will lock this Thread for now!

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So you need to email Blake from ElvenStats, the mods from Elvenar cannot help you with that. Use the 'contact' feature located at the bottom of ES's page.

ElvenStats was adapted by another Elvenar player, to collect stats based on ranking point score and tournament points earned by each player in a given week.

You could try updating your own city, using the blue wheel, and then look up your fellowship.

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Sir Derf

@Peacefull haven , as has been pointed out below, the information you are trying to look at, while related to the game, is being provided by a separate, third-party website. Officials at this forum have no association with that site and can provide no support for this, and forumites here can really provide no other insight beyond what has already been shared.

Also, the Contest section of the forum is really the wrong place to ask this question.

Mods, do your magic and relocate this, please?
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