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I’m NEW and finding this game very slow


I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with this game.

First I need to build my troops but haven’t got any further than swordsman and archers. My troop size is staying at 24


The truth is, this is truly a game of patience. It takes time to get the hang of things, discover strategies that work, and progress through. In addition, Inno tends to through a wrench in here and there.
Definitely a game that you cannot get through in a weekend.

For instance, I have been playing since 2015 and I still have not mastered certain aspects of the game.


I’m not trying to do it in a weekend but I can’t even participate in fights. Even though I’ve done lots of upgrades I’m still unable to build a fighting troop


If you are not a patient person this is certainly not the game for you. Sad to say it but this is not a fast moving game.


Keep on researching in the Research Tree. You get 1 kp per hour up to 10 usually. Best to log in at least twice a day to make best use of the free kp, You also need to be in an active fellowship as they will be able to support you in various ways. This game is not only about fighting, but about getting various aspects in balance. Sometimes it is better to negotiate to open a province than to fight to open it, so you need to give attention to the boosted good manufactories you are building too.

Sir Derf

What? A game that gives bonus time boosts that can short-cut 14, 20 or even 40 hours of delay timer isn't fast?

Yeah, this is not a quickie.


I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with this game.

First I need to build my troops but haven’t got any further than swordsman and archers. My troop size is staying at 24

I'm going to be honest early game is very brutal because you face armies of every troop type while having access to only a few types yourself. You have to cater sometimes until you have at least 1 star of the basic 5 troops.

In addition the only way to get bigger squads is to research the technology.

Early game fighting is actually a lot harder than mid-late game. I think it's been a year I'm playing. This is the type of game that's meant to take a long time.

There's an event starting today called a "Fellowship Adventure". It's not really important for new players as the rewards and benefits won't do much for you. Still it might be worth joining a Fellowship (casual one for your first one) for advice.
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It is slow! I definitely don't think it's suited to the impatient.

It's a good game for those who have a spare 5 - 15 mins every day. Not the type of game where you dig in for hours per session!

Although the further you progress the more time you will spend in the game.


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Greetings @Type1Hails and welcome to the Forum!!

Yes, the game is slow paced, but there are so many aspects to it that keeps us addicted! If you're patient and work through the Research Tree you start seeing the benefits not to mention the beautiful changes to your City as it evolves through the Guest Race Chapters.

My advice is to find a Fellowship suited to you, and they will help you navigate your way through the chapters. If you ever need advice then by all means ask in here. There are players on here brimming with knowledge that will trip over themselves to steer you in the right direction :)

Stick with it and you'll see!

If you need help finding a suitable Fellowship, place an introductory thread in our Game Worlds Section. Someone will snap you up!

Kind Regards