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Humans vs Elves

Which race did you choose?

  • Human

  • Elf

Results are only viewable after voting.


Human here - I prefer the human buildings compared to the elves, but that's just me. I'd love to be able to incorporate one or two buildings from the elven side just to introduce some multiculturalism - I think that'd give it a more personal feeling. I highly doubt that would ever be incorporated into the game but it's just a thought.



I now play two races on different servers. Human on En server, Elf on the US server.


i have chosen elves mainly because i like the elven buildings more graphics-wise, especially when the buildings are about level 6 and above. with the exception of the Planks Manufactory lvl 15. no more tree leaves :(


I chose humans as I saw that they were more barbaric and attacking which I thought would come in handy in what I only assumed would be Elf vs. Human fights, now, I still stand by my decision, but with no way to back it up.


I am with Mesolarian. I chose to be an Elf on this server, I play the Human role on the US server. The Sword Dancer is a beast compared to the Axe Barbarian. The building designs are better in my opinion also. My Human world is a total mess, completely unorganized, I guess that is par for the course though. Then again, it shows my artistic abilities, which are none.
I do not know if age has an effect on my thought process, but I think the Elf world is a tad bit slower with my progression. Either way, I am having a ball in both worlds.
Oh yeah, I did spend $19.99 in the Human world. Phew, thought the Elf world was slower. I guess spending some money does help. :oops:
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Hi all!!
it's my first time in the game, having never tried beta or such servers.
I picked Human, as it's just more natural to me! :)

Now, initially I got disappointed with my choice 'cause it seemed that the Elf's buildings I saw in other players were more to my liking,
BUT it turns out that in very high stages, I find the Elven-buildings even scary! LOL
Unless they go really high, in which case they're darlings! ;)

Have a good one!
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On this server I play as Elf in Arendyll and Human in Winyandor and Human on Beta. The Elf buildings are definitely prettier all round I do much prefer playing as Human and the later stage buildings don't actually look that bad. Can't wait for the wood elfs to come and see what look they bring to the buildings.


Hi, I am Elf in Arendyll and Beta but Human in Winyandor. I like being a blue elf with pointy ears but enjoy the human building gameplay more. The fighting is better as an elf. The sword dancers and archers much cooler than poor old axe man but I've stopped battles now concentrating on trading. :D