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HTML5 feedback


Well my PC is 3 years old and i have been using HTML5 for over a year or so on Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers, and no issues with it at all.
The text did look a bit dodgy on chrome but using the zoom option in the actual browser fixed that.
Just a bit more feedback for devs here. I was playing on Windows 7 in Firefox with occasional crashes - would never work on any version of Chrome on there.

I've just switched to a new PC running on latest Ubuntu version (installed yesterday). Elvenar will still not run without crashing on Firefox (85.01 64 bit) or Opera (latest version via Ubuntu Software).
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Sadly the game doesn't run for long enough for me to try that! It just loads in Chrome then crashes. I have 8GB of DDR4 Corsair Vengeance Ram and nothing else "deliberately" running when I try the game (ie just background processes, no applications).

Game ran OK on my old 4GB RAM laptop on Firefox...but not in any browser on new PC sadly...so phone app it is for now! :)


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@Elfclaw the Mighty Please check out our Knowledge Base as we have lots of troubleshooting articles there for our players. If this does not help you, please contact the Support Team as we can run you through further ways to see what is affecting you.
We have the link here for what appears to be the most pertinent article, but please feel free to hunt around as there is a host of information there:


It's a bit of a memory hog. Open your task bar and watch the RAM run off on its own while you idle in the game.
i report that to support over a year ago that the game is memory leaking
and as i see there is no fix
only solution for me log in and log out to free the memory


i report that to support over a year ago that the game is memory leaking
and as i see there is no fix
only solution for me log in and log out to free the memory
yeah i saw they marked it as "not a bug". however, you can be lazier than that...instead of logging in/out, do a hard refresh on the tab. (ctrl+F5) or (ctrl + shift + R) in windows and (shift + click reload) or (⌘Cmd + shift + R) on macs. but ideally, the game shouldn't balloon to 2+ GB of RAM while idling in the background.


Like some of you have posted, there is some memory leak issue when opening Elvenar in Google Chrome with HTML5.
Other than that I am quite happy with the HTML5 version since its become available. Really happy that FLASH Version has been slashed completely.


Regarding memory leaks. Yesterday I zoomed out my city in chrome to take screenshots.
Now that its zoomed out 67% there is suddenly no memory leak anymore and CPU Cooler is not running amok anymore.
Maybe that helps some of you :)

Forget about that. It was just an illusion...
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I've been using the HTML version of Elvenar for over a year now (more like two?), and I don't find that it behaves any better or worse in Chrome than anything else does. In fact, especially considering how graphics-heavy Elvenar is (all versions, obviously), I'm always pleasantly surprised when my own CPU cooling fan spins up only to about half of maximum speed when playing (compared with supermax panic mode when loading or lingering on some other webpages - even basic ones - when Chrome is in a bad mood), and even then only after an hour or two of playtime, usually.

In fact, I think that most of the overheating/crashing/hanging/freezing etc. which is occurring when using the HTML client in Chrome is probably far more likely to be Google's problem than it is InnoGames's... after all, Chrome's memory-hogging is so famous that it's even got its own meme!
... On a less silly and more useful note, I find that Firefox runs HTML Elvenar even more slowly and with more overheating than using Chrome. If only venerable old Internet Explorer* wouldn't be so sloooooow and also keep auto-blocking absolutely everything that doesn't have enough security certificates to keep the ultra-paranoid Microsoft devs happy, I'd rather use that old workhorse than either of the two Young [browser] Pretenders.

* Not Microsoft Edge, though... older versions are as functional and non-hysterical as IE, but the latest is based on Chromium, too... sad to say.