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How to handle Tomes


Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
One of the new items introduced recently to Elvenar is a series of fabulous items called Tomes.
To add them, we added an additional tab to our Spells Inventory: Sorceries.
In this tab, we find all the different Tomes we receive from Events and the ones we have Crafted in the Magic Academy.


Many of us have at least one Tome, with the Tome of Opulence being the most common.

The Tome of Opulence contains a choice of rewards: a Coin Rain 100%, a Supply Windfall 100%, or an Ancient Knowledge 20.

How do you get them out of the Tome, and where do they go?

First, you can have only one of the choices contained within the Tome, so choose wisely!


Click on the item of your choice and press 'Confirm Choice.'


A window pops up, and when you click on 'Awesome,' it disappears, and you see your Sorceries tab again. So, where has it now gone?


Open your Instants tab and scroll to the pages to the point where your Ancient Knowledge tokens, Coin Rains, or Supply Windfalls are. Here you can find your new item, ready to use or disenchant.


If you are using a Tome of Forbidden Wisdom or any other Tome that holds buildings, you need to search for the selected building in the Summonings tab of your Spells Inventory. Should you use a Tome of Great Wonders, you find the selected Rune in your Rune Shard Inventory.

Please note that this guide is based on the Browser Version of Elvenar; the App has some minor display differences.