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Answered How to get more orcs?


I have a big orc crises for a while now I just can't seem to solve. Between using them for upgrading Ws and trading in the Spire (and occasionally in the tourney/provinces) I can't make enough. I have 2 fully upgraded armouries (I'm in Amuni), 4 orc nests from my current chapter, and I have placed a Hero's Forge but still on LV1 so the production is very small. It probably gets better with upgrades but I'm currently focusing on other Aws. Is there anything I'm missing? Any other source of orcs I can use?


Hmm, I seem to have the opposite problem - Orc overpopulation crisis! About 650k of them standing around.

I also have two upgraded armouries (one on a slightly lower level), but I have never built any Orc nests and such. My Heroes' Forge is level 7 or 8 so that helps, but you'll find the biggest difference the more that you fight instead of cater as that should dry up the need for them.


Lol, too bad you can't send some of those idle orcs to my city, I have 5 ws in need of upgrading. they'd be very busy :)
Yeah, I know that fighting is the solution. You know a bit of my fighting history and I have improved since then a lot but I still can't make enough troops for a whole tourney so the Spire and provinces have to be catered. That is also the reason I don't feel like upgrading my HF, I'd rather focus on my fighting wonders. I was hoping I can find a temporary solution until my fighting capabilities improve :confused:


I too have an Orc shortage, mostly through silly wastage in the spire. and training Orc Strategists.

I resolved somewhat my shortage by having 4 Armories, and 3 crafted Orc Nest at ch15 level. Still short though and a fellow has 6 Armories to meet demand.

Ridiculous amounts of Orcs are needed to upgrade the Barracks also in CH15.

And if so inclined the squad size upgrades also.


My situation improved much when I stopped catering with orcs in the spire. A single encounter easily costs me 2 days of a max level armory production.

Orcs nests help, but Grounds of the Orc Strategists too (gives free units that would require orcs otherwise).


@m4rt1n Yes, it's the Spire that did it for me too. I had over 200k of them before I started playing it. The amounts they ask are really too high compared to other goods. I think they should adjust it a bit.

@Paladestar While natural reproduction has it's very pleasant perks, I need some enhanced breading techniques here, something like the 4x faster growth of the clones in Star Wars ;)


For my part when I work in the Spire, I have given up trying to convince the game to move me up the path. I tried using the convince button once discover I had spent 5 time the goods, supplies and coins asked for and still I ended up fighting to advance up the Spire.


I am also in Amuni and was seriously struggling for orcs while I was upgrading my workshops. Took me forever. I had 3 amories upgraded to the maximum level and no other sources of orcs. To increase my production I looked at the Heroes Forge wonder, adding in a 4th armoury, and making crafted buildings like the the orc nest. Below is a summary of what I found:

My armouries make 1090 orcs per 1 day, which equates to about 52 orcs per tile per day. That doesn't include the 2430 population I'd need to build it.

The wonder at level 1 would make 489 orcs per 1 day, which equates to about 20 orcs per tile per day. Note that this depends on scouted provinces so your figures will be different. At about level 7 or 8 it becomes more efficient than one of my armouries, but that would take a lot of KP.

Amuni chapter orc nests make 360 orcs per 1 day, which equates to 45 orcs per tile per day. No resources or population needed.

Based on these figures I opted to start crafting as many orc nests as I could. I've gotten lucky with the recipes, so managed to add 2 to my city, and have a few more stockpiled.

For you I would recommend building a new armoury if you have the population to do it, and/or making as many orc nests as you can. I wouldn't have recommended building the wonder, but now you've got it certainly don't remove it. It'll grow in time.


@UlyssesBlue Yes It was WS that made me loose all my orcs stash too (combined with the spire ofc). Before the zodiac event I had to upgrade a lot of WS (both my regular ones and those I made specially for he event and which are now collecting dust in my inventory).
I didn't want t build the Aw, I wanted an orc nest but I didn't get one in the MA for a few weeks. So I just built the Aw to help a bit. And soon after that orc nests started to appear regularly and I have placed 6 now (although my orc situation hasn't improved yet). Ofc now that I have the aw it would be a shame to sell it and as @Pauly7 said it will be useful once I upgrade past Lv6 but that's going to take a while because I have more urgent AWs to upgrade.