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Answered How much difference do Squad Size Upgrades make to province difficulty?


I only have one more Squad Size Upgrade left to research before my next chapter, but I need to complete another 13 provinces before I will be able to start researching the Advanced Scouts for that chapter. Wondering if it’s worth waiting until I’ve unlocked the final Squad Size Upgrade, or if it doesn’t make much difference. Currently have 4 Easy provinces available to scout, the others are all Medium.


Wondering if it’s worth waiting until I’ve unlocked the final Squad Size Upgrade, or if it doesn’t make much difference.
There may be different answers from other players on this.

In my case, it didn't make much difference. But I have taken a long-term approach to the game, and am now in Ch. XIX.

Other info regarding squad size, from the Elvenar wiki can be found here:


On the battlefield, each unit type will be grouped into Squads. The Squad Size of your troops will increase with each 'Squad Size Upgrade" you unlock in the Research Tree. You will be able to place between 1 and 5 Squads on the battlefield, right from the start. So remember: The more the merrier!

As said, the Squads have a size which will increase throughout the game: The bigger the Squad the more units will fit into it and the stronger it will be.

Your enemies will also have different Squad sizes. The Squad size of your enemies increase with each new Province you Scout and with the distance of the Province from your city!

This may influence your choice, depending on how urgently you wish to gain the Squad Size 'advantages'.

Sir Derf

As I barely understand it, the formula uses # of Squad Size Updates as a multiplicative effect in the fighting formula. So, if you have n SSUs, unlocking the n+1 SSU would adjust your fight difficulty by (n+1)/n%. For example, If you were finishing Chapter 10 and preparing to enter Chapter 11 and had done all but one of the available SSUs, so through SSU 35 but not yet the optional SSU 32, your fight difficulty would increase by 35/34 = 102.9%,, so increase difficulty by 2.9%. The higher you get, the relative increase will get smaller and smaller.
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One thing to keep in mind is that researching optional SS squads will increase the costs of the event quests asking for troops as well as the cost of the elvarian badge for FA. They are very easy badges/quests now, but... so were coins :)

Sir Derf

Thank you for that extra tidbit. While not directly part of the original question, it is an extra wrinkle to consider in parallel.

Question - Are those increases also as multiplicative effects? Do they grow in difficulty by roughly the same percentage as the fighting formula?


I don't know how it works. I know that me and the AM of my FS had more or less the same requests for troops for a long time (same chapter) and then after the changes to the tourney formula he decided to do all his SS and I didn't (I only have the 2 I did at the very beginning) and the difference in our FA badge costs were of about 40% -45% IIRC.