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Question How does 'Squad Size Upgrade' make fights easier?



This my 75th Squad Size Upgrade, and I am not seeing any fights becoming 'easier'!! Sure, I send more troops to the battlefields, but then the enemy squad sizes just increase, so I have the honour of losing even more troops with each encounter. Yay (not)!

I'm guessing there are some strong feelings about this from other forum-ites. And the forum has been slow lately. So feel free to let fly with the comments if anybody has thoughts on the matter. :cool:


It only makes the fights of already scouted provinces easier, no help anywhere else where fighting is needed


In the beginning chapters, i used to notice enormous fluctuations in difficulties associated with province encounters. These upgrades made them see-saw from extremely hard to easy. But after getting to the guest races and having fire phoenix and other booster buildings, i suppose any gains with these upgrades are hardly noticeable.