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House me for a while.


Experienced player, late night, GMT, boosted marble silk gems and Chapter 8, wood elves. Have not played in 18 months, need a safe space to restart,
Marble, silk, gems, spent my first year in Elvenar buying expansions rather than fighting them, and then learnt to fight. My main interest is in trading, including 0 star, cross tier etc.. it so much depends on the FS, the map and their combined map. Chests in Tournaments, not so much, and FA;s the same.. hate seeing people being penalised, Could you live with me for a while, you would benefit in goods.


Hi Aisling1, Spirit Of The Phoenix is looking for new members as we had quite a few leave to join 10 chests a week Fellowships. We are pretty laid back but do complete 10 chests every 2nd week. Take a look at us and if you like what you see please request to join as we can certainly do with a member who has your goods you produce.