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Hello Everyone


My name is Magajlo and I am so happy I could find this amazing place where I can build and create my own city and make a wonderful friends. Ahh, I hope on the last one. I live in Czech Republic but I joinned the English platform in a game to be able to use English. I Lived many years in UK and therefor I have many friends in UK...lol. I know it is not important for this game but I hope I make more and more friends from all around a world and Uk.

In game I play as human. I am close to end the first chapter and looking forward to start the second chapter. My progres is slow as I focus on recourses which I am always short of. So far I am happy player looking for a guild of friendly and chatty people :)

Have a wonderful day everyone and welcome to speak to me :)


Vítej na fóru! (Welcome to the forums!)

I wish you luck finding a good fellowship, it will be a great help when trading for resources and sharing game experience. And there are many helpful and nice people on forum as well, so if you need more help, some explanation or tips, this is also the right place.


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Elvenar Team
hey Magajlo nice to hear your happy and looking for a fellowship but would be handy to know what area your in for people to find you. and offer you a slot on their teams


Hello Magajlo,
Welcome to the Forum and Felyndral, I see that you are in a large mostly active team.

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Hello Magajlo!
It's nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your time in the game :D