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Heartfelt Fellowship



Fellowship: Heartfelt
Server: International
World: Felyndral

In need of those with a currently producing Magic Dust boost (only one active in fellowship currently), so only accepting those applicants at this time. We are currently looking for 2 new members. Also must play at least 4 times a week (most play daily) and enjoy being part of a team. We average about 4 chests per tournament, are active traders (no tier 2 & 3 un-boosted factories), and love the Fellowship Adventures. We have our own member-only website and a growing list of game tools (spreadsheets, docs, etc.). Started in May, 2017. Highest score is 30198. As our name implies, we are all about kindness and helping each other.



Still looking for 2 more members. Still needing current producer of dust magic boost. Please apply in game if you are interested.