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City Half-Elf Starter race


Humans have larger basic good maufactories and and elves have larger magical good manufactories.
But what if you want a middle ground.

I propose half-elves, a race with basic and magical good manufactories at sizes in between elves and humans. However, they should have larger crafted good manufactories.

They should have a style that combines elven beauty with human ingenuity, such as a planks manufactory with all the pistons and gears of the human race lovingly entwined with a building of elven design. their residences, workshops, main hall, barracks and armouries should be as big as a humans but in a different orientation.

Their profiles would look similar to an elves but with a humans pale skin.

In short Half-Elves show a different way of looking at elvenar, a sort of middle ground.

Feel free to post ideas on what the buildings and ancient wonders could look like.