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What's gone wrong with Gems? It used to provide advance notice of up coming events and some of the details. Now it is still showing events that started from 1st October still as forthcoming! By now we would normally be seeing a list of requirements for the new style FA, even if it was listed with warnings that it may be subject to change and that they don't know when it is going live. The new FA ended on Beta some days ago.


Something is a bit odd. I went to have a look. Could not find a Nov FA, but the FA for Oct seems to have the kind of data of the coming FA.


Yes I saw that too, who can keep track nowadays with a FA every month, I guess they just got confused ;)


they do not post until the event starts on Live
In the past the details for a forthcoming event get posted while it is still active on Beta, which is why we often get an incomplete list of daily prizes as they have not yet been confirmed. For FAs their arrival in Beta is usually announced as soon as they start, with the name of which version is being run and the plans of the three maps given - with the proviso that they may alter.
That still doesn't account for an event that started on 1st October still being touted as forthcoming - 6 weeks behind!


I admit the gems website does not seem to be on the ball like it used to be but lets remember that the people that make it are volunteers and do it without reward (unless things have changed) so it is not fair to have a pop at them just because info is not there when you want it to be.
Having said that i agree with @foolfighter , info for events, FAs etc used to be on the site a few days after starting on beta but i am sure they will be there given time.