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G'day from Lords & Ladys of Avallone. We are recruiting

Lady Monica

G'day elves and humans,
We are looking for ACTIVE members who wish to be part of a great drama free team. We are ranked 30 in the world and are a 10 chest plus fellowship since September 2020. We only accept members who are courteous and wanting to evolve.
Please check out the following and if interested please contact Lenore or Lady Monica for consideration

1. Must have at least 20K points. This tells us that you are serious and wish to evolve your city;
2. Visits to all members 4 times plus a week (unless away than an email to the team);
3. Tournament each week MINIMUM of 600 points;
4. Spire and Fellowship Adventures not compulsory;
5. Only build boosted goods we will trade the rest.

1. A friendly team that will help you grow your city.
2. KP swaps for your ancient wonders (not compulsory)
3. Birthday acknowledgements (not compulsory) 20 kps (from Lenore) for your ancient wonder of your choice.
4. We trade extensively for our members and willing to help with uneven trades when needed e.g. during tournaments
5. Blueprints every week as well as other great prizes for your city.
6. Very friendly team that has been together for several years.
7 Lots of knowledge to also grow your city.

And many more...

If this is something that appeals to you we have at the moment one vacancy. Please read the overview page very carefully as the rules will be enforced.

Lady Monica