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Answered Gateway to the Past rewards


When I started up my game session today, the character icon for the Gateway to the Past quest presented a window instructing me to collect my event milestone rewards. I clicked on and collected all shown in the image but the character's green check mark remains lit and new quest requirements/challenges (such as collecting goods or spending KP's) have not appeared. Why is this so? Do I need to collect further rewards somehow?


  • Quest rewards.png
    Quest rewards.png
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Goddess of Wishes? I didn't see this one. But my main concern is that the character icon for the event is not presenting further challenges & requirements for the event. Is it over? If so why Is the playing window (with the game pieces to match) still open and functioning?


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Elvenar Team
The Goddess of Wishes is the last Building to collect from the attached Questline.

Yes the Questline finishes today. So if you have reached this Goal then you will receive no further Quests. The Game Board however will remain until the morning of the 24th (around 10/11am CEST) giving Players a few more additional hours to complete the Final Quests should they need it.

Also whilst you will not unlock a new Quest tomorrow, you will still receive a Daily Reward to spend in those final hours! So there is still opportunity to make some progress on the Event Paths :)