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games unplayable


every time you click you get stream error ,, was the same yesterday .. gave up after 10 th time to collect things
i know other have the same problem
hope its sorted out soon


I have had something similar. Collect all finished productions but the little Zs icon does not appear so can not start new productions. Reload the game and all the productions i collected show as not collected, collect them again and then i can start new productions most of the time.


Same here. Only on Win/EN2. Every other click results in "stream error", and every other attempt to load game results in "server error".


Yep, same for me on EN2, repeated "Stream Error" messages. Everything is fine on EN3, don't have a city on EN1 to be able to comment.

Edit: Seeing a lot of these errors in browser's dev. console:

merged_game-[GUID].js:739 WebSocket is already in CLOSING or CLOSED state.


Working fine for me on EN1. Stream error is a problem of connecting with the server. It can happen if you have a poor internet connection. If it persists and you otherwise have a good internet connection, contact support. There may be a problem with the respective server.


There were many people complaining of the problem at the time, so almost definitely the server ... seems to be fixed meanwhile.

Piglets For All

I'm still struggling with EN2, taking at least 5 tries to get into the game, then click on a production, nothing shown up top, log out, try to login x times and so on


I just came to see if we got any answer from IG. It seems not.
The game on en2 it's a torment. I have to reload, recheck if I actually collected something or if restarted production for real. The chat is almost unusable since most of the time my comment doesn't appear and I just can't reload and reload again and again the game. :mad:
Is someone from the staff reading this forum or we have to wait for Monday to actually something be fixed????


Hi @Alcaro , hope you're well, and yep I'm pretty sure we will have to put up with it until Monday. All of my FS are having the same issues, its like wading through treacle trying to play today. It took me 4 refreshes to get a tourney province open and complete it.


@Alcaro, there is never any guarantee that any staff is reading any Forum posting at any given time (or really anytime at all, frankly). It is always wise to open a support ticket for any issues. The Forum listings are best used to check for common re-occurrences, known issues, and possible remedies.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
All should be working 100% now guys, appears we had a server issue briefly on Saturday that affected the gameplay. It was resolved within a few hours.
If you have any issues, please send in a support ticket. These can be done without the need to be logged into the game.