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Fabulous, Friendly & Plucky :o)



Pandora is a fellowship of active, players who are more like a family than a guild - we have members all over the globe and all contribute so we get 10 tourney chests and a silver reward in the spire each week.
HOWEVER unlike some fellowships we don't have a minimum requirement all we ask is that you do your best, this works for us and since the first time we got the 10 chests/silver award we have never missed a week.
In the upcoming FA we are going for top 50 (we were ranked 80ish last time) - so if you feel like joining us our selection is open (no applications etc.) we don't mind if your a new player or been around a while :0) all we ask is that you polish fellowship cities as often as poss.
Our 1 rule is that inactive players will be removed as its not fair to the rest of the fellowship; although we understand RL is turbulent so if you let us know your going AWOL for a bit and when you will be back we are happy to wait.
We have had 2 members leave recently due to RL issues (left game as well as fellowship); so we are looking to fill their shoes hopefully before the FA starts.
If you would like to join us then just join directly - as mentioned previously we don't have the application/invite only options in place at the mo. so anyone is free to sign up.
See you soon
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