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Fabulous Fairies


Currently recruiting, we like a good spread of sized city from chapter 3 to those waiting for chapter 21 so as long as you are friendly, play every day and do your best to contribute to the team events you too can be a fairy ..

Very proud to be called the ‘Friendliest Fellowship’! Still doesn’t stop us taking Fiendiest and Fiercest action to overcome tournament or spire bandits!

We are achieving Gold in Spire every week, often top of the rankings

We adore blueprints, so encourage everyone to participate in all tournaments and we achieve at least 12 chests each week,
Elixir Tournament June 2022 achieved 19 chests for the first time … we take it easy most of the time doing 19 chests in FA

A Great Wonder Society kp Swap system

We absolutely love our Fellowship Adventures and with excellent teamwork regularly rise to dizzy heights; 1st every adventure in 2022 and 2023 so far ..