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Expired combat buildings


Just for the sake of conversation...

I don't know why I haven't thought of this before, but does anyone hold onto their expired military buildings (space permitting) just as an extra bank account for when the coins run out? Chapter depending, they can be worth up to about 3 million to sell, even though they're free to build.

Just today's musing.


I do. I usually keep them until the next Spire and then when it starts emptying my storage I sell them. That's usually on Monday when I start with the second level.


I guess they always have a bit of culture, too. So, if you haven't got anything better to do with the space. Might hang on to the ones I've got running at the moment ... until the FA.


This all makes sense and I knew people would be doing it already. Sometimes I'm a bit slow. I usually think of these buildings more like a limited time instant than a building, so when they run out I just delete them. As you say, though, @Hekata, it will be better to keep them until the first stage of the next Spire wipes my coins out.


I started saving them for when I need to replenish my troops. Use my brown bears, train, sell some expiring buildings for the supplies they give -> train more. Saves me some supply instants.


I remove them when they expire, just to keep the town tidy. But perhaps thats not the best strategy...
I do it too, and it depends, maybe is not the best strategy, true... But every day I have to buy all t1-3 once (and t3 twice) with gold from the wholesaler. Sometimes I do with tools too. So I constantly have an excess of gold and tools. So, it really does not make a difference for me. I auto-fight most spires too, but if I use diplomacy, I always have enough.

I have 187K (plus NH bonuses) culture for a 130K requirement to hold 170%... so neither I need them for culture. I blaze the sun a lot too...

I never been in my game life before 150%, in fact, I skipped that early quest that asked you for 150% as I already was in 160%, and since chapter IV, always 170%... and now, magic too...

My town is hot, hot, hot, hot!!!! Bring sunscreen...