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Announcement Event: Whispers of the Soul - Oct 24 to Nov 10


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Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves, We have a new Event coming up!

Whispers of the Soul - October 24 to November 10​


Dr. Freakenspleen is always tinkering with his creations, but they always end up having some issues. They're either not very smart, too aggressive, or they're about as attentive as a 3-year-old. His lifelong dream of creating a thinking, aware being still feels out of reach. Then, on Halloween eve, he spots spirits wandering among the trees. It's his first time dealing with non-physical beings. He starts to think that maybe these spirits are the missing piece of the puzzle he's been looking for. So, he gathers his team and gets ready to do what he does best: approaching these spirits and their consciousness with a scientific mindset.

Main Prize: Soul Lab​


A new combination of Evolution and Set building where the main building of the set piece can be evolved! We did this to try something new and to basically provide an even stronger reward than a simple set. You can see this as an evolving building that is additionally boosted by set pieces. The main building produces Culture, Population, and is switchable between Orcs, Ascended Goods, Units and Knowledge Points.

A new Unicorn is coming!​


You will be able to acquire the Wraith Unicorn building from the Daily Rewards and the building produces Culture and Population! This event will also feature the Leagues system, as well as the Royal Prize Pass. Check the video below! https://innogam.es/OX_Mistyforest_1

We're happy to hear your feedback in the dedicated Discussion Thread HERE

Kind regards, Your Elvenar Team
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