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Enter key usage in the game



Is it possible to accept the prize using the enter key on keyboard instead of klicking on "awesom" message with the mouse? Please see an example attached.

There are several similar messages in the game, when there is only one possibility to choose from and in my opinion it would be much more convenient if an "enter" key could be used to accept these and move forward in the game, instead of only being able to klick it with the mouse.

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Silly Bubbles

Or maybe some players shouldn't get some rewards to avoid making them more miserable than they already are and spread some happiness. :D

Silly Bubbles

Wow, that’s the most likes on a post I’ve seen for a long time. Is it just me that sees the sadness of it? Not only it’s a petty thing but it also shows how good things (rewards) can be killed by such a little thing as a label that actually shows the healthy reaction to it.


Having a choice of buttons to click would provide useful 'feedback' as to what prizes players value.
It could influence chest contents, quest rewards, etc to be more sought after items.


Dear all,

The picture with "awesome" was just an example. Every movement made with a mouse is possible to do with a keyboard key. That was the point of my question. I'd love the possibility to accept similar cases in the game with an enter key from keyboard instead of klicking on it with a mouse button (if there is only one possible option to choose from). I really hope my question is better understood now and I hope it reaches the technical support team who can have a look at this request.



Master of the Elements
I agree. I find this to be particularly troublesome when I have a hundred workshops to delete and I have to keep going back to the confirm button with the mouse each time.