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[en3/Felyndral] active player boosted in steel/crystal/elixir, chapter 4 (Australia?)


[EDIT: I joined QUEST CONQUERERS, thanks!]


I started playing in Feb, loving the game and currently finishing chapter 4.

However I joined a FS at random and it's inactive. I'm missing help to trade, tournament, FS adventures...

I'm boosted in steel / crystal / elixir. I'm on Australia's TZ.

I'm not yet powerful (12'000 fame) but I'd like to join a fellowship long term without having to switch when I get stronger. (I see fellowship offers asking for 100'000)

Game style: no stress but I like to optimize stuff (I think my city is pretty efficient ATM)

Feel free to check my stats: https://www.elvenstats.com/player/en3/849252085


P.S. Alternatively, is it possible to take control of one's fellowship if the archmage is inactive?
P.P.S. there is only 1 other active player in my FS, more powerful than me, I could try to win him over.
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P.S. Alternatively, is it possible to take control of one's fellowship if the archmage is inactive?
this is possible, you would have to get into contact with support to help you out....but looking at the fellowship you are presently in, they would most likely hand it over to the next person in line and that looks like the ambassador that is still active......


Not worth the trouble, just pack the other one up and join a different FS.
Go through the list of FS and pick one that only has 23 (or less) members and fits your preferences, there are lots of them and they´ll be happy to have you!


For some reason half of my neighbourhood has joined them this year :D Must be popular!


I never heard about them before.. Just saw their recruitment message in the Fellowship thread having NO points requirements (I'm only chapter 4) and being nice.

Very good experience so far, friendly fellowship and they're helping me with good trades
What lovely feedback from one of our members, when they joined us….

We’re actively recruiting now too, so if you want to join an active and supportive Fellowship please get in touch with Elissa of bedinor in game.