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'Elvenar's Bar-Cafe' recruiting

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Hi All

We are a relatively small fellowship in the rankings so we don't usually get beyond the 4 tourney chest, but we are looking to expand our ranks and achieve more.....!

We really need people with Planks, Silk and Magic Dust as boosted (Should never be short of trades.... ;-) ).

More importantly, we pride ourselves on being a very friendly and chatty international Fellowship with plenty of banter and advice/tips when needed. Players in the UK, Australia, South Africa, Greece and Israel. If you're just after the banter and a relaxed environment, we'd be happy to have you. New and veteran players welcome!


Duke Will

Hi. I'm looking for a new more active fellowship to join... Boosted goods are Planks, Silk & Dust. Current score is only 13781 - I'm still a fairly new player


Thanks for your interest Duke Will. I've sent you a message with more info. No problem with your score, we're happy to welcome new and veteran players! :-D


We're still looking to fill our ranks!

We've progressed to regularly hitting the 8th Tournament chest now, and that's with only 14 active tournament players!

We're a no-pressure fellowship with plenty of banter and off-topic chat. Many that find us and stay have tried other fellowships and commend the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of the Bar-Cafe. Veterans, newbies and anyone in-between are welcome.

We know it's just a game, and have fun playing! ;)

DaveOfChaos - Archmage