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Elvenar Wiki Guide!!


Senior Game Moderator
Elvenar Team
Did You Know… Elvenar has its own Wiki website?

Welcome to our Extensive Did You Know ~ Wiki Guide!!!

Our Wiki website is its own guide to help you through your gaming experience, covering topics and features you see in the game!
It has recently been updated to accommodate mobile users as well!

-To begin navigating our Wiki site, simply visit https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/


-If you have any specific questions, you can type them into the search bar at the top of the main page.

This will bring up “Page Title Matches” to help pin down the exact information you may be looking for.

-Back to the Main Page:

Head over to the Navigation Drop Down. Here you will see
Main Page, Rules, Release Notes and Security:


(The Main Page is where you already are but also how to get back to starting page if you are reading through other sections of our Wiki.)

- The Rules will take you to our International (EN) Forum’s Game Rules page. https://en.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?pages/game_rules/

Release Notes will take you to the International (EN) Forum’s Release Notes currently (to be updated)


Next! Let’s head over to the Getting Started section:


-Basics will take you to a page that explains the initial set-up of Elvenar!
You will read through features such as the
Races, City Map, Basic Resources, First Steps and Quests.
We highly recommend our beginner Elvarians take a read through these sections!

-Interface is where you will find information on the HUD/Top Bar & Resource Overview, Player Profile, Options, Advanced Settings & Data Usage Options, Main Menu of the game and Shortcut Keys!

Buildings will break down what each Building in the game does!


-Culture includes information on Culture Bonus, Culture Buildings and their Overview.

-Trader explains the Purpose, How to Accept & Place Offers, Merchant, Wholesaler, Upgrades and Overview.

-Research Menu gives information on Elvenar Chapters, Research Menu, Research Technologies, Unlocking Technologies and Chapter Goals.

-World Map will give information on the World Map General Overview, Scouting Provinces, Provinces, Province Distance, Collections Relics, Completing Provinces, Provinces Overview, Neighboring Cities and Tournaments.

Ranking will explain Building Ranking Points, Ancient Wonders Ranking Points, Province Ranking Points and Tournament Ranking Points.

On to the Next Section! Game Features!

-Upgrade System explains its Purpose, Costs & Requirements and Buildings Sizes.

-Relics covers their Purpose, Collecting Relics, Boosted Goods, Production Boost and Relics Boost Overview.

-Crafting gives a Description, explains Combining Catalyst, Crafting Tab, Spell Fragments, Disenchanting, Visions Vapor, Mystical Object, Sip of Clarity, Spell Fragment Bonus, Sample Recipes and Building Set(s).

-Enchantments describes their Purpose, Requirements, Types, Enchantments Creation Process, Enchantments Library, Enchantments Inventory, Casting Enchantments, Enchantment Effects, Instants & Overview, Sorceries & Types:


-Cauldron gives and Introduction, give and explanation on Requirements, Items, Phases>Preparations>Brewing>Brewing Potions>Potion Results, Studying>Resources for Witch Points, Potion Effects & Overview and Tournament & Trophy Goblets.

-Units contains information on the Basics, Classes, Abilities, Units Overview>Base Race Units>Province Units, Unit Stats Overview>Unit Stats for Elves>Unit Stats for Humans>Training Grounds Unit Stats>Mercenary Camp Unit Stats and Unit Stats Provinces.

-Battle gives the Basics, Combat Pentagon, Army Setup, The Battlefield and Initiative Bar.

-Neighborly Help covers what this feature is for; Visiting Others, Giving Neighborly Help, Rewards Chests, Receiving Neighborly Help, Neighborly Help Information.

-Fellowships provides information on its Purpose, Requirements, Benefits, Fellowship Titles & Rights, Creating a Fellowship>The Fellowship Window>Editing a Fellowship>Inviting & Accepting Members> Changing Titles & Rights>Expelling Members, Disbanding a Fellowship, Joining a Fellowship, Leaving a Fellowship, Being Part of a Fellowship, Fellowship Ranking, Fellowships on the World Map, Fellowship Progression>Perks Overview>Upgrading and Resetting Perks>Experience Points>Using Perks; Knowledge Points Sharing, Tournament Archive & Spire Archive.

-Ancient Wonders gives information on their Purpose, Requirements, Ancient Wonders Menu, Rune Shards, Upgrading Ancient Wonders, Invest in an Ancient Wonder, Ancient Wonders Regards, Selling an Ancient Wonder and Ancient Wonders Stats Overview:


-Guest Races covers topics such as the Settlements, their Purpose and the Requirements:


Let us now head over to the last Dropdown Menu, Events!


-First up! The Main Events Overview. This covers Main Events, The Rewards>Sample Buildings>Expiring Buildings>Grand Buildings>Building Sets

-Seasons gives an Introduction, explains the Quests>Daily Quests>Weekly Quests, Rewards>Waypoint Rewards>Last Waypoint Rewards>Season Blessings>Last Waypoint Rewards>Season Blessings>Season Pass.

-Tournaments tells us how to start a Tournament, the Overview, Checkpoints, Solving Tournament Provinces, Ending a Tournament and New Tournaments.

-Fellowship Adventures covers how to Start a Fellowship Adventure, the Overview, Ranking Points, Adventure Items, Quests, Bottomless Pit and Fellowship Adventure Trophy Buildings.

-Challenges gives information on the Challenges Overview>Challenge Window>Earning Medals>Milestones.

-Spire of Eternity covers the Introduction, Spire Map, Spire Encounters>Diplomacy>Spectral Stone>Battle, Rewards>Chests>Expiring Buildings, Multiplayer>Overview>Spirit Essence>Fellowship Rewards>Fellowship Trophies:


(Hint: There are many sections on our Wiki that can be Expanded to include more detailed information)

The Elvenar Wiki is a regularly updated site through volunteer work by the Elvenar Team and as such, can change anytime, as new features are implemented. Please check back to our informational Wiki often!!!

~Created on December 2023 by Feridya ~ Senior Game Moderator for the International/EN Team