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Elvenar Limericks!! It's Rhyme Time!!


Forum mod extraordinaire
Elvenar Team
So I think it's high time we pay homage to our favourite game through the medium of Limericks! I'll get us started :D

There once was a Goblin called Earl
Who really wanted a Girl
But the Women would sneer
When he would get near
'Cause the smell of him made their Hair Curl'


Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
They always visit the library
so they can update the bestiary
A simple step to be made
So victory will be easily claimed.
And with rising swords, all will celebrate
That war is over and there is no need to celibate.


Ex-Team Member
We all know that dwarfs like their beer
They revel in quaffing good cheer
But they've picked up their axes
Because all the taxes
Have made their fave pastime too dear!


Forum mod extraordinaire
Elvenar Team
"Good Grief!" said the Elf "It's gone cold!"
"And the Trees have turned beautifully gold!"
It's time for a Scarf
But i've only got half
'Cause the Silk that I had has been sold!!


She who must not be named
Elvenar Team
A special lamp once housed a Djinn
It was battered and looked quite done in
A passing kindly soul
Cleaned it up in a huge bowl
of bubbles made out of pure gin

The Djinn began to feel odd
in the bubbles, he started to nod
his snores could be heard
as high as a bird
and as low as the lowliest clod


There once was a fun and worthwhile tournament
You could go deep, earn kp's and it was pleasant
Then along came the developer team
Who implemented a nerf só extreme
That it meant the end of every player's enjoyment


Ex-Team Member
There once was an Elf who would never tire
as he climbed the Spire
and as he climbed ever higher
he began to in"spire" others of his group
and they soon joined in the loop
here was the scoop
his friends asked why do you aspire
to climb ever higher?
he replied and sorta sighed
if it wasn't for this rhymin'
I would have already had the diamond

Sir Derf

Slightly off theme, but...

A Halfling named Yoda, once there was
Short and old, last picked for teams because
But in Astro-Mech Tag
Though you zig and you zag
"Looking you, not the droid I" winning does