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Early Inspiring Meditation finish?

Sir Derf

So, for the second time in 2 days (I think), the visual for the Inspiring Meditation was not showing (only 10 KP slots showing not 20).

I go to cast my nightly Inspiring Meditation (which is not grayed out), and I am told I can't, that there is one still in effect.

I reload, and the 20 slots are now showing, with about a half hour to go before expiration.

Has this been happening to anyone else?


I have had kp bar issues for quite a while, sometimes it shows full at 10 and when I go to place I find I only have 9 and other times it will show 1kp in it and I go to use it and get "not enough kp" notice, strange things happening.

Could well be related to the same issue of kp timing display linked with or without the use of the Inspiring Meditation spell.
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