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Answered Dwarves, lack of population


I have maxed out my houses (x26) and it will be some time into the next chapter that I will be able to increase their level again.
I have 6 x t1, 4 x t2 & t3, as well as a few event & wonders.
I can't increase my supplies or goods to their max level due to lack of population. I'm finding I'm especially short on supplies.
I'm probably not using my event buildings wisely, I just tend to use what comes up, same with AW.
Any advice or tips to help?

Thank you


Greetings Lyenna.......took a peek at your city.....some suggestions that could help.....maybe for the time being cut back on your manufactories, maybe go to 4, 3, 3........move your culture buildings off of the roads........when placing expansions it is best to place them so your layout is in a square shape..........try to place buildings against roads with the short end of the buildings touching.......if you find you are short on pop or culture then try to go for event buildings that give those (personally culture buildings from the build tab are not as good as the ones you win in events).....


Any advice or tips to help?
Hi @Lyenna. Glad to see your post. :)

@kimkimkim has replied with what I believe to be the best advice/tips.

When rearranging your city, consider teleporting buildings that you don't want to sell. That way you can retrieve them from your inventory later.


I think ElvenArchitect still has a city planner to help with seeing how you can best rearrange your buildings and streets: