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Do you want Honour&Glory?? Now recruiting.


Hi, Honour&Glory is an established Fellowship needing to replace 2 players. You will need to have a score of 15000+ and at least one of the following boosts - elixir, marble, crystal.
We are a very active and chatty group who foster fair trades & daily Neighbourly Help. If interested please send a message to Archmage odie1kenobie.
Hope to see you there!!
Note: this is an update 18 March. New members needed again to replace non-players.
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Update as of June 17, we have 2 players leaving the game and are looking for replacements. We are a top 10 fellowship.

Boosts - require 2 of marble/steel/crystal/scrolls/elixir
Prefer that you have researched and started building your 3rd boosted good.
Boosted goods only.