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InnoGames TV [Discussion] June Episode


Hi Amy / Diana
Love your style. Would have preferred some brighter shading / light tone for the eyes and cheeks though.
And probably a colour-coordinated bra to match the headdress.
Do you plan to run a quarterly cosplay event/party at Inno Games HQ btw?
Would be nerdheaven and a cool thing for Hamburg which could use some love in the gaming/manga/fantasy/cosplay department.
How can you have so perfect teeth btw???
Anyway, keep it up and always nice to check out Inno TV episodes.
Would probably add a little fun segment at the end of your shows like a RPG live action scene or some players of your games getting intervied like the old server down show thing (SDS).
Hug and a smile, Micha from Hamburg

Amy Steele

Ex-Team Member
Hi Feanor! welcome to the forum, glad to see you enjoyed the June episode :)

Also thank you very much for your feedback. This will be forwarded to Diana.

So folks, would you like to see an event such as Feanor describes? What would you like to see in future Innogames TV episodes? Please let us know your ideas :cool:

Amy Steele

Ex-Team Member
Hi Feanor! We have received a reply to your feedback from Diana :)

Hello Feanor, Thank you for the feedback! I have to agree with you that the costume wasn’t perfect but unfortunately I am not a makeup artist nor a professional cosplayer. I’ll try harder next time ;) As far as your question goes, we really like the idea! We are open to suggestions and will consider to do an event like that in the future.


Adding subtitles for your deaf and hard of hearing players would be the icing on the cake! :D


Oh my word!! This game and support just gets better and better. I have never known this before and am overjoyed to be included!

Thank you so very much for this....... feeling very happy!!