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I couldn't find anything about DIAMONDS...
Unfortunately in order to grow we need to do UPGRADES... I keep upgrading through coinage... BUT there are some instances Where there is ONLY the use of DIAMONDS.
like in the builder's Hut.
Is this a way the game wants to pull the gamers into buying DIAMONDS???
Isn't there in this case an alternative way????ONLY DIAMONDS???
Is this a kind of blackmail??? So we are force to make a buy???



The builder's hut needs diamonds to upgrade it but you don't have to upgrade the builder's hut in order to progress in the game. Upgrading the builder's hut will make more builders available and so could speed up progress but it is not necessary.

You have a choice, buy or not buy. :)


As far as the game ir advertised "FREE GAME" I recon that all the procedures must have an alternative solution
I cannot accept your answer that it is "my choice... Buy or not buy"
ANYWAY THANK YOU for your answer...


You can only upgrade the builders hut with diamonds, not buying the diamonds just means that you are limited to 2 builders.
The Magic Academy also has a limit on the amount you can upgrade it without diamonds.

There are ways to get free diamonds:
1) You start off with 200 diamonds, and there was an email just after you started that offered you another 100.
2) The Chest at the start of each chapter (after 5) gives 200 diamonds
3) Certain Chapter Quests offer 200 diamonds (look them up in the wiki or on GoK)
4) The wishing well from the Pheonix Cult event gives a random prize every 12 hours, one of the prizes on offer is 10 diamonds.
5) There is a competition to win 300 diamonds from a screenshot.

So in that respect, there is your way around the buying of diamonds.

(Once you get past Chapter 5, there is the opportunity for about 400 diamonds per chapter (on average)

Hope this helped.

Indigo Mage (Winyandor - Fairies)


You start off with 200 diamonds, and there was an email just after you started that offered you another 100
I started with 100 diamonds and the email offer was 50 diamonds. Not complaining, but since I'm relatively new to the game I thought your information might be outdated.


You start off with 200. During the tutorial, you use 100 of those to upgrade the Builder's Hut so that you have two builders (required, you can't get out of it). Once that is done you can get the 50 diamonds by verifying your email address.


Just to add that I've completed all the way up to the Halflings Era and have never ever had to buy diamonds to complete anything, however, I did actually spend £5 recently on a small diamond package, not because I had to, but purely I wanted to speed things up as I am enjoying the game and this allowed me to buy a 3rd builder.

Also, throughout the tech tree and special events I have received numerous diamonds for free, so I wouldn't complain about diamonds, you never need to buy them to complete but it's a slower game is all.

Last point, it is as you say a "FREE" game, so unless you can make a game this good for free, I think it's fair to say your complaining is just going to fall on deaf ears buddy.
Happy Gaming either way