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Dedicated Daily Player Seeking Active Chat FS for Serious Competition


I am seeking an active FS with active members who like competing hard in every tourney and spire. I make it to High Halls weekly in Spire with complete ease and typically make it to the Laboratory by the end. I have been playing since January 8th. My stats/city are current on elvenarchitect.com if you would like to view them. My Player name is the same as my forum name.

My AW include:
Golden Abyss Lvl 8
Needles Lvl 8
Tomes Lvl 7
Endless Excavation: Lvl 3
Martial Monastery: Lvl 1

I would advance these more rapidly but I am trying to get maxxed on my relics for boosted good production and every single wonder I have built requires my boosted goods relics, so I only upgrade wonders when I achieve an acceptable surplus and can lose the relics without losing my boosts. I donate often in KP threads and will throw KP at teammates who don't use the threads when I need to get runes but I will also stop if there is never reciprocation.

My boosted goods are:
Marble 462 %
Silk 538%
Gems 491%

I am midway through Chapter Five and will likely take my time in this Chapter.

What I am looking for:
Minimum 10-chest in tourney, preferably 12 every week because...blueprints mean RR and updated Magic Residences
Silver in spire...well because I've yet to make to the top though I try hard every week. Two beyond lab is my personal best
A fun, active chat where I can laugh and joke and make new friends from around the world who speak English enough to get my humor.
A group of primary characters (meaning not alts pushing points)
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Thanks to everyone who responded to my queries and queried me. I am happy to report that I was offered a spot with the Fabulous Fairies. They are an awesome group and I couldn't be happier to be a part of such an amazing team.


I cannot thank the Fabulous Fairies enough!! I thought it was possible...and it was! This fellowship really is the best!! Since my last posting:
Ancient Wonders:
GA: 21
Tomes: Nobody needs it
Endless Excavation: Nobody needs it
Martial Monastery: 14
Mountain Halls: Everyone needs it...Lvl 14

Boosted Goods: 156% across all Tiers....

What's next? Blooming Trader's Guild for me I think. Or it's a toss up with Dwarven Bulwark.

I'm maxxed in sentient goods Tier One even though I haven't unlocked it. T1-T3....all maxxed and operational.

I'm in between Fairies and Orcs.

I go to the top of Spire every week, WITH my team...consistently since I joined. I swim in diamonds so they can too!

I've reached the top of every FA since I joined. Yes. We are the champions of the world because we work together. End of mystery.

Most weeks we walkaway with 15 chests...OMG the blueprints, spells and relics...

And the best part?

We actually love each other! Finest folk I know of. ..And we are recruiting!!

But the best part is we really do love each other. Chats are amazing! Just be willing to go to any length and you will see for yourself! It's one thing to reap the benefits and another to make sure they happen for others! #SelflessLoveIsReal
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Your team mates must love having such an enthusiastic player as yourself :) i am glad you found the right fellowship for what you need from the game.