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Darkwind - The legend continues


Darkwind have long been a top teir guild/fellowship in many online games. Starting with Everquest, and moving onto Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, Conan, AION, and probably many more that I havent personally played.

Here we are again, placing our mark in the world of Elvenar.

First Fellowship on this world!
Darkwind - Originally of Everquest

Here at Darkwind, we believe that everyone has the right to play this game for the purposes of fun, and not as a secondary job. We also believe that everyone has the right to feel like they're striving toward a common goal, and progressing, not carrying players that dont participate or contribute.
For that reason, the management team internally monitor growth fairly, using our bespoke software to track not only the % growth, but the point difference and neighbourly help to give each player their own unique weekly score. We use this to either offer struggling players help, or reward those that are leading the pack.

If this sounds like the sort of environment that you would love to be a part of, please contact us.


Application process open, please contact Krugerr by ingame email.
Current Requirements:

* You must have at least 5000 points
* You must contribute structured Neighbourly Help
* You must provide 'fair' trading to those inside the fellowship
* You must have a good attitude, and team spirit.
* You must have a sense of humour!! :)

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There are still spaces to be had, please contact me ingame!