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Daily Player Seeking Temporary or Permanent Min. 10-Chest FS - Arendyll EN1


Hey there everyone,

I'm keeping this quite brief in the hope of finding a new home - temporary or permanent - ideally before the next Tourney starts.

Here's me in summary:
  • Slow but steady long-time Elf player (4 years total, on Arendyll for 2+ years) - typically 1-3 logins per day and currently in mid-Halflings;
  • Boosts are Planks, Silk, Dust;
  • Seeking a minimum 10-Chest FS - I'm not naturally competitive but Tourney rewards are vital to me and my Tourney Average is ~3,000;
  • Not keen on Spire but usually complete Stage 2 - prefer Silver Spire FS, but can manage Gold;
  • Active in AW levelling and would prefer Wonder Society/Net Zero or similar KP exchange system over Swap Threads, but in any case looking for FS with players actively levelling mid-later game AWs compatible with my own (mostly Military) AWs;
  • Dislike FAs per se, but always contribute to best ability and hoping for FS which completes at least one Path per Map in order to win all prizes (especially Artifacts);
  • Pre-Sentients - needing an FS actively Trading in T1-T3 due to my very poor Map position, hence few Neighbour Trades (my City wasn't moved last November);
  • I give NH daily and need similarly high and consistent levels of NH from FS, again especially due to my poor Map location;
  • Not Rankings-minded - I value (and play for) efficiency and reward-for-effort rather than high Scores or aesthetics (in all elements of the game);
  • I'm sociable, communicative, and generally FS-minded.
While quite a few of these points won't be of much interest to a temporary FS, I'm very happy to chat in more depth with anyone who would like to know more.

Thanks in advance! :)
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We - Cackleberries - might suit.

The core of the FS is long-term fairly steady players much as you describe yourself. We always do at least 10 tourney chests, typically 12 except in scrolls. Always silver spire rewards, although not much more - it's not mega-popular. FA we always clear all 3 paths on all 3 maps with ease. In theory we then largely ignore the pit, although in practice when people see our rank at that point often more gets done. We use NetZero with 10kp per rune - so you get about 35% of the AW cost; typically that's filled in some hours. There are some pre-emptive overdonations by older players trying to clear the rune stockpile.
Trades shouldn't be a problem unless you're posting trades of a single type summing to multiple millions at once. And if anything is urgent a message in chat usually gets any trades, including 0* through pretty much right away.

If you're interested, please message me or Nenett in game

Lil Elfette

Hi, We are newer crew of very seasoned members and some newer players with a mix of both in between. I am sure you would find our FS to your liking, look us up please and if you are interested drop me a line in game, currently sitting at 18th in the FS rankings, we have have all the usual most FS's offers and more..... Lil Elfette A/M from Ten Forward


Just a quick note to all those who have kindly already replied both here and in-game. I wasn't expecting such a fast response, and I'll be sending proper replies very soon - but must grab some sleep now as it's 2.00 am here! I just didn't want to seem as if I was ignoring anyone's offers.


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@Herodite : Oh my dear, if only fantasy games mirrored reality - in any of their aspects! (well, probably excluding most of the things that Orcs and Goblins get up to when nobody's looking, or even when they are...) ;) - and even were I to succumb to such a delusion, I'm ever aware that pride goes before a fall!

I've already personally notified (via in-game Inbox message) the several excellent Fellowships which have kindly invited me to join, whether here, in-game, or even both, that I've managed to narrow down some great offers to two choices which appear to be ideal long-term homes for a player like myself, so I'm now pondering a very, very difficult final decision... no tossing of coins allowed. Drat.

Many thanks to everyone who has offered me a place. It's been really difficult even narrowing it down at all, and I'm very grateful to all of you. I wish you all the best with your recruiting - which I know, from long experience in another game, is actually much harder than many players realise!
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If you can’t toss the coin, I will be happy to do it for you Lol, you don’t need my advice, but if you are really stuck, will gladly give an unbiased opinion.


Oh my goodness, Blue! Long time no speak! I've sent (ETA - because you know, even if I temporarily forgot it myself (!), that writing even ten words takes me a loong time!!): I'll send you a Forum PM just for old times' sake - and also because I can't actually find you in-game...?! Name not on list...?!