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Answered Daily chest?


This popped up as soon as I logged in this morning although I didn't open anything. (It was a supply instant.)
Is this a new "daily login gift"?

Gifting hint: AWKP is a firm favourite. And beer ;)



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Elvenar Team
Im assuming here but it may be the Chest from the Daily Seasons Tasks, if you completed all tasks and forgot to open the Chest, it will automatically open for you once it has refreshed and add it to your Inventory.

I forget all the time!

If you want to know for sure though, pop a ticket to Support and they can check it if you so wish!

Kind Regards



Spot on @Herodite. I opened the chest on Sunday and didn't get a notification. Left Monday's chest unopened and this morning there was a notification.
It's a bit like a partner "reminding" one that something on the to-do list wasn't done ;)