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Current fellowship mage inactive. Sadly looking for new FS


EDIT: thank you everyone.
I received offers and advice in-game immediately and thought that was how people chose to respond to this type of request. I'm sorry not to have checked back in on here in case of any further offers, it was very remiss of me.
Thank you for all the kind offers and advice.
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Sorry! I'm in Arendyll. I play on mobile, I'm not sure how to check which server, but I'll look into it. I'm based in Scotland if it is done geographically.


Hi, I sent you a message directly in the game,
we would love to have you with us.
We are active in all the events.
See you soon


You can also write to support to hear what they advise about replacing an inactive Archmage. There are certain conditions, but not impossible.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Yes indeed, please raise a ticket with support as if your Archmage is inactive, we are able to help.


Sadly the only active players in my current FS are all Fellows, so we can't progress in FA, and only average 3 chests in weekly tournaments. I don't really want to move on as the handful of us who are active are lovely, but it feels like we're stagnating.

About me:
Active daily
Currently near end of Dwarves chapter.
Boosted goods are Planks, Scrolls and Magic Dust.
Participate regularly in tournaments and Spire.

I would like to find a FS which is active in Tournament, Spire and FA. Thanks for reading :)
Try winter mixture recruiting.We play every day do spire and tournament and we have 3 places spare at the moment.Please give us a try


Just cleaned house of in-actives here at Trendor's Reach. We have a few openings atm.