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Crazy HuHus recruiting


Crazy HuHus

Regular gold trophy at Spire competition
15th chest or more @ tourneys every week

Joining requiremants:

*☺* Complete the Spire every week
*☺* Gain at least 2500 points in tournament each week

Click to join, and/or contact AngryTank or send a group message to the mages, so we can let you in.

We have a confidential waiting list, so if you are interested in joining us, even if we are full or you are already in an fs, please do mail to our Archmage (AngryTank) or one of our mages to enquire.
All enquiries are welcome. :)
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Currently actively recruiting. Looking for Spire and 'Good tourney players', if you can do those 2 and might be interested in joining our easy going but top fs (we got silky skills to pass on ;)) please message to AngryTank our Archmage. Don't be shy. :)


We currently have 1 spot open for anyone looking for a fs or a change of fs. Drop a mail to AngryTank or OldHag if you are interested in joining us.


Are Springbok supporters welcome? :p