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Announcement Crafting changes

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Co-Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

We have a significant update with our latest Version 1.181 affecting the crafting recipes in the Magic Academy.

Crafting changes

  • The chance of stumbling upon a pet food recipe increased.
  • New recipes for pet food are added. New recipes' costs include:
    • Refined Relics (crystal, silk, scroll)
    • Phoenix (2019) and Bear (2019) artifacts
      • Developers note: This is something we have seen requested by the community, and we are implementing it :)
  • The cost for all pet food has been increased by 1 Combining Catalyst (For example, if a recipe previously required 2 Combining Catalysts, it now needs 3. Even recipes that didn't use any Combining Catalysts before will now require 1).
    • Developers note: This is necessary to partially balance your increased chances to get pet food. But keep in mind those recipes are still providing a relevant amount of pet food compared to their costs even after this balance change.
  • 3 new military expiring buildings are added: Heavy Melee Shrine, Heavy Ranged Powerup, and Light Melee Monument.
    • Developers note: We already had buildings for mages, light ranged, and unit health. We have seen how much they are used and we are now completing the set by adding heavy melee, light melee and heavy ranged.
  • Expiring flowers from Spring Event are added to the recipes. Their cost includes Royal Restoration.
  • 1x1 Decorative culture/population buildings from Autumn Zodiac Event are added to the recipes.
The new crafting rewards are the following:

  • Blue Amaryllis Field
  • Blue Begonia Fields
  • Garden Stones
  • Heavy Melee Shrine
  • Heavy Ranged Powerup
  • Light Melee Monument
  • Mellow Feast
  • Red Amaryllis Field
  • Red Begonia Fields
  • Royal Jelly
  • Tome of The Bears (Zodiac Event Exclusive)
  • Ursa Totem
  • Yellow Amaryllis Field
Feel free to comment on our Version 1.181 discussion thread.

We hope you all enjoy these changes!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team
Not open for further replies.