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Cosmic Bismuth


Is ANYONE on Wyn producing this as their boost??????? If so you are going to need loads of Shrooms and Silly Soap to progress so why are there only 13 trades up out of 251 pages!!!!! 12 of those 13 trades are ridiculous cross tier trades, I have been stuck waiting for what was just 25k bismuth for over 2 days so now need more because of the stupid way it decreases. Surely one third of all people now in Elvenar have bismuth as their boost??????/ or need to at least offer it for the same tier!!!
End of rant.
Actually edit alert the 1 single solitary same tier trade is offering 140,000 bismuth for 230,000 Shroom...wtAf ??????????
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I picked up Bismuth just the other day, and got traded for some recently too. To introduce myself, each time I have unlocked a sentient good I have put up 3 star trades. After that, I have noticed, my trades never sit. If I need something prior to decay time I post in chat and one of my fellows snags it for me. Chapter 15 does produce some interesting scarcities tho, and there are a lot of people looking for the same good at the same time.

My advice for the poor trades is: take note of those who are gouging, and NEVER help them. At some point they will wise up, one hopes.


Im in Wynandor and my boost is Alloy shrooms. I always pu up trades 5500 shrooms for 5000 busimuth they get snatched within an hour. I also get quite a few from the set buildings from the spire (but still waiting to get the library
But i agree too many stupid trades to scroll through just use the filters for what you need


Seems like there's an abundance of Soap and a shortage of Bismuth. Shrooms seem more balanced - Soap on the other hand has always a lot of 3 star offers for Bismuth.
It also seems like there's a shortage of Platinum, haven't seen an offer for it in days, and to a lesser extent of Ink.
These are impressions, of course, not actual reliable stastistics.
Anyhow, as @Lelanya said, never feed the leeches who post less than 2 stars, lest they get accustomed to it. Cross-tiers are a little different, I found myself taking some T6 to T5 while going through the tech tree, but even so, I've never fed leeches.