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Combat 201


Sometime ago I wrote a Combat 101 thread (on the US forum) to help a person at the very start of learning combat to find a way to begin winning some fights and eventually develop their own strategy. If you are brand new to combat I suggest reading that thread first before progressing to this one.

For those ready for a little more complexity here is Combat 201. If you would still like more detail after reading this I suggest reading my detailed combat guide, the link is in my signature.

Every province has the same formula of troop combinations:
  • There are 4 units from 3 unit types
  • There are Main units with a primary (2 units of this type) and a secondary (1 unit of this type)
  • Then there is the third unit type which is a counter unit to your key unit.
As this is a predictable formula your army selection for each province will also have a similar formula of troop combinations:
  • Your Key unit is always specialised against the primary and secondary main units, it is always weak to the counter unit so protect it from these
  • Support (Anti-Counter) to help you stop the counter units
  • An alternate unit which is best against the primary main unit
There always 2 unit types that can be the support (anti-counter) unit and other guides or players may vary on this. I have recommended the unit I think is best of the 2 for that particular tournament. As you feel more comfortable with combat you will decide which one is best for you.


As you progress in the game you will come across the Mercenary camp and Training grounds as additional buildings to produce troops. These buildings are not necessary as your main barracks troops are good general options. However should you decided to build these buildings you will find their troops are specialists against a certain unit type. As specialists they are particularly effective against their specific target unit types. The specialists for the primary main target for each tournament is listed above, their unit type is next to their picture to help you decide how best to use them.


Hi @Mykan - any chance you could repost the graphic? I'm trying to get better at fighting and it would help a lot!