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City Upgrade

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Hi guys, might sound silly but l am looking to find out why l cannot upgrade my city to lvl 8. I seem to have all the requirements and costs but when l click upgrade it points me to research tech tree?

Thanks in advance


I am guessing you mean the Main Hall of your city. Did you do the Advanced Main Hall research in your tech tree? Only after completing that research will you be able to upgrade your Main Hall.


Hi LadyH, did the one in Arrival section, so unless there is another somewhere got a fair bit to go. Still in Evolving, so if you know where it is plz let me know. Thanks for you reply. :]

Deleted User - 106219

When you click the Research button it should bring you to the spot in the tech tree where the required research is. If it doesn't you can just look at your tech tree and find the Superior Main Hall tech.