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Children of the Forest - Looking for tournament enthusiasts!

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Greetings all!

Children of the Forest, currently ranked in the top 10, are looking for players of all boost types who are highly competitive in all tournaments. We might not have the highest rank but our tournament performance is on par with the best fellowships on our server. Our greatest success to date was the most recent tournament (steel) where we unlocked 7 chests! Our FS rewards were 14 steel relics, 5 runes, 35 knowledge points and a large number of spells.

We have 3 simple rules we expect all our members to follow:
1. Be active (standard)
2. Build boosted manufactories only
3. Participate in all tournaments

If you score highly in tournaments and want to join a group that matches your commitment, in order to unlock the best rewards on offer, then please reply to this thread or send me (Tree) a message in-game stating your interest and I will get back to you ASAP. :)



Another 7 chests unlocked in the recent Planks tournament! If you're interested in sharing our rewards and contributing to even better ones then feel free to send a message. We consider all applications, even if we're full on members. ;)


Our record of 8 chests opened was just achieved in the latest Crystal tournament. That's on-par with the #1 ranked fellowship and 2 chests better than #2! If you'd like to earn 45 KPs, 20 relics, 6 rune shards and 10 spells just for being a tournament participant (but also want to score highly) then come and join us. :D


Hi, FantasticErgo here and I'd love to join an active Fellowship.
I am on every day and visit all our other fellows everyday, boosted goods are marble, silk, and Gems.
Looking forward hearing from you

Thanks in advance!
Peace out!


We unlocked 9 chests during the magic dust tournament! If you have high tournament scores and plank/scroll/dust boosts in particular then we want to hear from you! Flick me a message in-game if you're interested.


Our fellowship has come a long way since the original post so I think it's a good idea to update our stats and requirements.

We are now arguably the most successful fellowship on Felyndral. We comfortably hold the number 2 rank, we have unlocked 10 chests in the last 29 tournaments and we came in 1st place for all four Fellowship Adventures. As of now we are looking for a new member.

The ideal candidate will have:
  • Marble/Gems boosts
  • A consistent tournament score of 1,000 points minimum
  • 100,000+ rank points (not required but will make your application more attractive)

If you fulfill these criteria and are interested in joining then please get in touch. Messaging me (Tree) in-game is the best way to do so.

Our team is a hard-working bunch who strive for greatness and support each other throughout the journey. We don't recruit very often these days so don't miss out on the opportunity to play with an awesome group of people! Thanks and happy gaming. :)

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Updated our stats, also that we are currently not looking for new members.


We are recruiting once more! Our ideal player will have Marble and Gems boosts, as well as consistently good tournaments scores (1000 points per week minimum). A ranking points score of 100,000 or more will be advantageous but not a deal-breaker.

Please message Tree in-game if you're interested and fit the criteria.