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Chest stealers in Ancient Wonders



I know someone already said something about this and then the topic was blocked but I still think there should not be an option for outsiders (those who are not from fellowship) to put KP into AW. And yeah, yeah, open game and all that, I get it. But there are fellowships like mine that do really well with Threads messages to donate KP but then someone comes up and adds KP just at the end to take chest. And then my fellows can't add KP. If I didn't needed to upgrade AW I wouldn't upgrade it just to spite the stealers. Stealers don't want to help out, just to steal. And I get that there will be those who will say "so what if they steal, you get to upgrade AW", but that is not right. All of us from fellowship work hard to upgrade someone AW and then we get those lazy people. And funny thing is that stealers aren't those that are just starting, but much more advanced players. Like, is their fellowship lazy to help each others so they have to steal? Then leave that fellowship, but don't be low level people...


Kp hunting is part of the game for some fellowships. I think it is rather sad that they have the time to be bothered. The odd 1 is easily disposed of by a fellowship with active threads and kp perks. Larger donations are more problematic. They are not always selfish or malicious though. A neighbour may be thanking you for visiting or trades. I once had some huge donations and asked why. He told me he could not play very often and liked the look of my city. Little cities don’t always have anyone to donate to. Way back I gave to a high level player who always took my tiny trades. I never bumped anyone though and did ask first if it was ok.


They are not always selfish or malicious though. A neighbour may be thanking you for visiting or trades.
That is my take on the issue also @Gytha.

Look for the silver lining. :)



@Jeko an active fellowship with a kp share system avoids this happening, also many neighbours as said above will give you a kp donation thank you for taking their trades. No stealing, is part of the gameplay, how you and your fellowship work together is key, funding your own AW is a ticket for getting opportunist players to take a reward, after all they are there to be taken.

The rewards untaken go to waste helping no one in the game.
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If your fellowship is truly active in the wonder department they will quickly sweep up the bonus chests and remove any non members ... or at least make the bonus chests unecconomical to claim

But your main complaint distils to you neighbors giving you something for free that helps you progress within the game ... i think you've grabbed the wrong end of the stick


It is mainly annoying for me, as my fellowship does everything to do with KP in multiples of 5.
The 'outsiders' just give me free KP.
One of them has taken to dropping 15KP (shard?). Still gets swallowed up by the FS though.