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Question Chapter 20: Ensembles


I get that the ensembles are a one-off production building. What I don't understand is what use they have (other than boosting bars production) once their products have been used up in upgrading the Harmony Grove. Do they have to remain in the city to be able to upgrade the portal to the next level and if so why? Shouldn't we just be able to sell them off/teleport them out and use the space for the new ones? Has anyone tried this? (And I know all the guides say you need to have 6 of each for the final upgrade, but that seems completely illogical to me. Or am I being unrealistic in expecting logic from the devs?)


I think they all have to do with the amount of bars you will need for the final technology, that's why you need to have so many......some people from my understanding have teleported, not sold, the ensembles they have used for the first 3 upgrades but in order to do the final upgrade, they brought the ones they had in storage back out so their amount of bars would increase in order to do the 4th upgrade


so their amount of bars would increase in order to do the 4th upgrade
Or just buy your way out of gaol. :rolleyes:

Not that I'm promoting the filling of Inno's coffers.