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Other Chapter 15


I have been on Chapter 15 for the best part of 2 years now. It seems like I go one step forward and two back. Resources are so hard to achieve. Why have you made it so hard? Please can it be reviewed and made a bit easier?


Please can it be reviewed and made a bit easier?
A reasonable request @Glevum. However, given the latest punitive changes to the game (e.g. AWs and culture destruction) I would not hold too much hope on the good graces of the Powers That Be (PTB). :rolleyes:

The game was always challenging. But with thought and planning one could overcome and enjoy some success. Now it's virtually just bloody painful.

Good luck with your playing. ;)


I have looked at your city and I can't see any sentient factories, only your boosted standard ones. Your boosted sentient goods should be platinum (steel factories), arcane ink (scrolls factories) and silly soap (elixir factories). I don't see any of those - am I missing something? Two elixir factories, permanently enchanted (particularly with the boost you'll be getting from your level 30 ETC) should get you through the chapter relatively easily.

As per my post in the other thread, decay of sentient goods is a major handicap. Even with the recent changes, I'd strongly recommend building Simia Sapiens and upgrading it as quickly as you can to at least level 6 - higher if you can.

I'd also question whether you need as many Academies as you have. You should be able to remove those two that aren't connecting the other production buildings - that will give you a bit of extra space.


Great tips from @Lelanya and @MinervaOz !

If I was you @Glevum I would follow their excellent advice. They are both 'the real deal' when it comes to Elvenar. They even have the T-shirt to prove it!