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Chapter 15 - So hard to advance


I have been on Chapter 15 for the best part of 2 years now. It seems like I go one step forward and two back. Resources are so hard to achieve. Why have you made it so hard? Please can it be reviewed and made a bit easier?


It is a horrible chapter and don’t the mean players know it with their unfair trades. I got through it with 2 tier 6 manus, sometimes using spells on them and by putting up a lot of 3 star trades myself.


You need Timewarp (for boosting sentient production), Simia (for decreasing decay) and ETC (for boosting MM spells) at a good level - 11 at least. (All easier to achieve till the last couple of weeks of course :(.) It's a long chapter but it's certainly not the worst.


I concur with MinervaOz. Timewarp and Simia are essential AWs going forward. As a player in Chapters 16 & 15 I have also realised the need for the next 2 AWs: Vortex of Storage and Thermal Spring of Youth.

It should be noted that the latest changes by Inno have nerfed the 'Culture Bonus' aspect of "Thermal Spring of Youth" but to what degree I am not sure as I did not have it in-situ before the change.

Even with Inno's imbalance of Goods production and what people want for Trading it shouldn't take anywhere near 2 years to do a single Chapter.


you really don't need to have these.....
True. But I built the Vortex of Storage out of curiosity, meaning to burn it down later. However, it's still there, several upgrades later.

Congrats @kimkimkim on completing Ch. XXI. I am planning to enter it soon-ish. Maybe this week ... or ten days ... I'll get back to you on that ... my people will call your people ... :p



On closer reflection the Vortex of Storage and Thermal Spring of Youth have been consigned to the history books. Thanks for the clarity.